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Medical Providers

Medical providers of all sizes and types can increase efficiency with AltaScribe's platform.
Doctor dictating clinincal notes to improve patient outcomes.

AltaScribe scales to meet your needs

Whether you are a small, one-doctor practice or a large regional hospital, AltaScribe can be tailored to meet your needs.  The platform is designed from the ground up to streamline the capture of clinical notes for storage in EHR systems. 

What used to take days of sending files between stakeholders is now all processed in one, easy-to-use web application, saving time and money.

Remove the barriers between patients and providers

AltaScribe is the tool that gets technology out of the way and removes the barriers between patients and clinicians.  Nobody likes staring at a screen when you need to be making a connection with your patient.

A cost-effective and efficient tool for capturing clinical notes, AltaScribe can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes by 

Patient telling doctor about her symptoms.

AltaScribe features...

AltaScribe’s easy to use interface steamlines transcription workflows by bringing all docuemnts into one place.

...document management.

AltaScribe provides users easy access to their documents so that review and approval of notes is as simple as the click of a button.

AltaScribe’s powerful reporting tools helps practice managers stay on top of costs and ensures efficient workflows.

...powerful reporting tools.

AltaScribe's reporting tools help the MTSO know exactly where you stand with each client and employee at a glance.  Sort records on a variety of data points to paint the picture you need to do you job.

AltaScribe’s admin tools helps practice managers control access to HIPPA records.

...dynamic account administration.

Nobody wants to spend any more time than they have to manage the tools we use to do our jobs, you just want them to work.  AltaScribe's admin tools  minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with administrative tasks. 

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