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MTSOs around the world depend on AltaScribe to be the interface with their clients.  
Medical transcriptionists using AltaScribe to preparing clinical notes for archiving in EHR systems.

The foundation of your success

When your clients are successful, you're successful.  Give your clients what they need to achieve their goals, a robust, easy-to-use platform designed specifically to optimize capturing clinical notes.

AltaScribe provides the tools you need to effectively and efficiently operate your MTSO.  Manage clients, employees, and workflow all within one application that requires no special software, just a simple web browser. Whatever the size of your operation, AltaScribe scales to fit.

  • Easy document management
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Dynamic account administration

"My clients are delighted with how much easier their transcription workflows are with AltaScribe."

Sherri Trout, Owner, Alpha Transcription LLC

AltaScribe features...

AltaScribe gives transcriptionists easy access to all their documents in one place to maximize productivity

...document management.

AltaScribe provides users easy access to their documents so that review and approval of notes is as simple as the click of a button.

AltaScribe’s report functionality allows MTSOs insights into their business and employee productivity

...powerful reporting tools.

AltaScribe's reporting tools help the MTSO know exactly where you stand with each client and employee at a glance.  Sort records on a variety of data points to paint the picture you need to do you job.

AltaScribe’s admin tools helps MTSOs control who has access to HIPPA data and is where integrations with EHR systems take place.

...dynamic account administration.

Nobody wants to spend any more time than they have to manage the tools we use to do our jobs, you just want them to work.  AltaScribe's admin tools  minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with administrative tasks. 

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